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"My daughter and I discovered we had lice, and I had never dealt with it before. We called Sarah, The Lice Lady immediately and she got us in that same day. Sarah not only did an amazingly thorough job of ridding us of the problem, but she put my mind at ease as to how to handle it. It is worth every single dollar I spent! Thank you Sarah for providing a service that saves moms like me the stress of dealing with lice for weeks, never knowing if we are completely rid of them! You are an angel with a lice comb!"

 - Heather, Winnipeg, MB

Slice of lice is an amazing service! We used her this summer! After working on my "hair down to her butt" daughter for 7 hours, and not even halfway through her hair, we called Sarah, The Lice Lady! She checked us all, family of 5, got rid of all the lice and nits from my 2 kids, in less than 3 hours! It was worth every penny we paid her! Would do it again in a heart beat!! She is amazing! "

- Jennifer Smith, Winnipeg, MB

"My daughter got lice in October, and we tried everything. From Resultz, to Nix, to even calling "Lice Squad Canada", Nothing worked. It seemed to only get worse and worse. Until we saw an article on this woman named Sarah Phillips. So we called her and she came to our house that same day, no wait! She checked my daughter and me, and cured us completely. 10/10!"

- Anne Gieg, Winnipeg, MB