Slice of Lice also provides head lice consulting and treatments in Winnipeg in our clinic at 39 St. Anne's Road. Slice of Lice also provides head lice removal in Winnipeg and treatment in the comfort of the patients home*.

Lice is treatable and can be a stress free experience, making the fear of lice a thing of the past. Slice of Lice can not only provides a treatment within the privacy of your home*, we also educate, teaching you proper clean up and what to wash or bag up.

With all of our treatments Slice of Lice speaks to you about the problem. It is very important to understand, not only how to treat it, but what head lice is and how to prevent it in the future. We will educate you on the truth of lice and nits, how to identify live, dead and hatched eggs, and how to handle outbreaks and help prevent them from occurring and reoccurring.

Head Checks

$25 per head check if lice is not detected and treatment does not occur.

Head Lice Removal

For the average patient each individual requires one treatment. Each treatment takes approximately two hours.  There is one follow up head check one week after treatment included in all initial treatments. 

All immediate family members including spouse and children are head checked for a lice infestation at no additional charge at the same time of treatment for the affected individual.

All products used including shampoo and conditioners are pesticide free. Slice of Lice guarantees removal within 14 days of the initial treatment.

Clinic Services
$150 per treatment (flat fee, NO hourly charge)

Home Treatment Services (follow up is at the clinic)
*$200 per treatment

School/Daycare Head Checks & Consulting

Slice of Lice provides a variety of on-site services including school, daycare, camp and sport team checks to name a few. Our professional consultants conduct screenings on site and determine if the individual has an infestation. If an infestation is detected, the appropriate educational document and notice will be sent home with the child. All screenings are conducted individually and adhere to the privacy laws of Manitoba.

$75 Service Fee

$2.00 per student

*minimum $100 charge

Community Consulting & Treatment

Slice of Lice will be happy to provide presentations, educational information, head checks for any community events including health fairs, children’s events, sports teams or community outreach programs. Fees may apply depending on time requirement and staff availability. Please contact Slice of Lice for further information.


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