March 14, 2014 - Mutant lice on rampage in Canada, Winnipeg Free Press

Like the plot of a bad sci-fi movie, a new generation of mutant lice has infested scalps across the country -- including here in Manitoba. And what's worse is these franken-lice are resistant to traditional delousing treatments.

Scientists say the arsenal of cheap, safe insecticides that used to wash away the pesky bugs is failing us.

We need new chemicals to kill these mutated pests, they warn.

In Winnipeg, parents aren't waiting for science. They're resorting to the only surefire way to remove lice from hair: picking out the eggs, called nits, speck by speck, like they did centuries ago.

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May 6th, 2015 - Sarah Phillips is nominated for the Women of Distinction Awards

A year ago, Sarah Phillips began Slice of Lice, a home based company that uses environmentally friendly methods to treats head lice with the motto, “Be a Friend, Tell a Friend,” she started to help break down the stigma and stereotype around head lice.

As a mother of three young children and with a career history as a hairdresser, Sarah saw an opportunity to provide resources and support for families experiencing the physical and emotional challenges from lice. She is changing the way families, communities, and schools understand and react to lice.

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November 27, 2015 - Winnipeg woman's hair salon aimed at people with lice

A Winnipeg woman says her lice business is so busy, she opened a hair salon to help people deal with the problem.

Slice of Lice salon owner, Sarah Phillips, used to have a mobile business.

But now she's opened up shop at 39 St. Anne's Road.

Phillips has a certificate in lice removal from Florida, it uses the Shepherd Method to rid the hair of lice.

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September 28, 2015 - Tips on Treating & Preventing Lice

With students back to school, this is the time of year when most cases of lice are detected. Sarah Phillips from Slice of Lice joined us on the Morning News with some tips on treating and preventing lice.

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March 3, 2014 - Winnipeg mom launches lice fight, Global News

Slice of Lice owner Sarah Phillips wants to help Winnipeg families beat the pests, which have made a comeback in recent decades.

Phillips, a mother of three who was a hairdresser for 15 years, was certified in lice removal and launched her business after one of her own children had lice.

"It was brutal to deal with,” she said. “There was nobody to go to. There was nobody to see.” 

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November 23, 2015 - Winnipegger opens hair salon to get rid of lice

If your child has ever come home with lice, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of the little buggers.

 “The kits at home don’t work,” said Slice of Lice owner Sarah Phillips. “If you miss a bug, if you miss any egg and think you’re good, they’ll just start multiplying again within three weeks,” said Phillips.

From there, the creatures simply spread again, forcing another round of chemical treatment that lice have built up a tolerance to, and people believe they no longer are infested when instead they’re spreading them.​

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